In collaboration with the Osaka University Center for Education in Liberal Arts in Japan, Osaka University North American Center for Academic Initiatives has annually broadcasted three Distance-Learning (D-Learning) programs to the main campus since 2005.


The time and content of the D-Learning broadcasts is listed below:

Spring Semester: Current World Affairs - World Affairs Now, Report from San Francisco
Fall Semester: Global Studies in English - Insights from American Universities 
Intensive Program: Global World and Academics - Insights from American Universities

We are hoping that D-Learning provides an opportunity for students to broaden their thinking and ask themselves "What I am? What am I doing for others?" as they study at Osaka University.

Providing Assistance in Short-Term English Language Programs

Collaborating with departments in Osaka University, OUSFC offers assistance in short-term English language programs held near San Francisco.  We also provide overall support for OU students during their stay in the United States, including logistical support, risk management, class observation, and arrangements for San Francisco field trips.  During the two-day field trip, students will be able to visit companies and universities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley for networking and cultural exchange with local university students and employees.  

Thus far, Osaka University North American Center for Academic Initiatives collaborates with the programs listed below:

Technical English Language Program @UC Davis
This 4-week program is designed to help engineering and engineering science graduate students become more comfortable using English as a common language in their fields of study.  In a highly interactive learning environment – individual presentation work with in-class and out-of-class activities and laboratory/high-tech company visits – students improve their overall English language skills as well as the critical thinking, oral presentations, interviewing and research skills needed for making effective presentations at international academic conferences.

Science English Program @St. Mary’s College of California
Targeted at undergraduate students in the Sciences, this English language program is designed to improve their overall English communication skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing), their science specific vocabulary, as well as presentation skills essential for the field of Science.  In addition, each student pairs up with a “Science Buddy,” an undergraduate volunteer from St. Mary’s College, for a reciprocal learning experience and for cultivating international friendships.  

Dental English Program @Monterey Institute of International Studies
This 4-week intensive English learning program is designed for students in the Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry to improve their English conversational skills and professional presentation skills necessary for dentists in the modern world.  After the completion of this program, participants should feel more comfortable using English as a communicative tool between non-Japanese speaking patients as well as colleagues.  This intensive, highly interactive program also prepares students for presenting at international conferences in English.

Shin-Kanrin-Maru Project

The Shin-Kanrin-Maru* Project launched in 2010 in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the founding of Osaka University and is annually held in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The project is designed to cultivate Japanese global leaders through the development of personal quality, professional skills, foreign language ability and presentation skills, as well as design and conceptualization abilities, which are derived from a deep understanding of other cultures.  The young leaders that participate in the Shin-Kanrin-Maru Project are expected to lead Japan as pioneers of new science, technology and culture, and contribute to the society locally and globally for a better future. 


(*Kanrin-Maru was Japan's first convoy sent on a mission to San Francisco in 1860, and Shin- means "new" in Japanese.)

Fostering Partnerships with Sister-Universities in North America

Every year, Osaka University North American Center for Academic Initiatives participates in study abroad fairs held in our partner universities (including UC Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, San Diego, and University of Washington) to promote Osaka University’s exchange programs such as FrontierLab@OsakaU, OUSSEP,and J-Ship etc..

For networking purposes, we also attend national conferences for international education, such as NAFSA, AIEA, and ACTFL to have meetings with directors and program coordinators of our partner universities in North America.

Working with the Osaka University North American Alumni Association (OU-NAAA)

As the secretariat of the Osaka University North American Alumni Association (OU-NAAA), Osaka University North American Center for Academic Initiatives assists OU-NAAA in holding the annual alumni meeting, board meeting, and special lecture and reception every year.  Besides event arrangements, we manage alumni member lists (both general and regional) and encourage regional alumni to have local alumni reunions. 

For more information about our alumni activities and registration, please see the OU-NAAA website.

Publicity and Other Activities

Osaka University North American Center for Academic Initiatives visits local high schools in the Bay Area to promote the Osaka University G30 Programs including the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program and the Human Sciences All-English Undergraduate Degree Program. We encourage American high school students to apply to the undergraduate degree programs in English.  In addition to program promotion, we administer admissions exams and interviews through the TV conference systems in our office. 

Finally, Osaka University North American Center for Academic Initiatives also organizes a short lecture, called SF Science Café, as well as presentation workshops for young researchers in Osaka University.  All Osaka University scholars and professors who are on business trips in North America are invited to these events.